Texas House Bill 2684 introduced by Warren Chisum to the Texas Legislature would require couples seeking a divorce to attend a crisis marriage education course of no less than 10 hours prior to the granting of a divorce.  And by the way, the couple has to pay for this course!

Luckily, this bill died in committee, so not to worry right now, but I can bet they will be back next session with more of this type of junk legislation.

Here are a few other bills introduced that didn’t make it very far, this time.

Texas House Bill 175 introduced by Warren Chisum is entitled, “Relating to the protection of life, including unborn life from the point of fertilization, providing penalties”.  Basically, trying to ban abortion in Texas and making it a first degree felony.  There is the bit about needing the Supreme Court of the United States to allow states to ban abortion, but hey, that’s coming, right?  Best to get ahead of the curve.

Texas Senate Bill 186 introduced by Dan Patrick is basically identical to HB 175.  It is currently in committee.

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