I’ve never gone to see the Texas Legislature in action, but like most people, I envision a pretty orderly process when a vote comes to the floor.  Lots of stern faces, ready to fulfill the duty for which they were sent to Austin to do by their constituents.  Sure, there might be the missing member here or there, but if they aren’t there, no vote for you!! right?  WRONG!!  Just check out the video below that was sent to me today.  I know it’s been around a while, the report is from May, but it’s new to me…must be the hole I live in…need to get out more, or at least watch TV more.

Now this is just freaking scary….

It looks like a strange game of Whack-A-Vote or maybe some weird game of Twister.  It’s almost like someone broke open the pinata and they’re running after the candy.  Not anywhere near the dignified image I had in my mind.

After seeing this, I don’t think I’ll believe any elected officials voting record.  How are we to know they were the ones to actually vote and weren’t off in Tahiti or somewhere on a free lobbying trip.  Speaking of that, where are all these people?  Seems like a huge number are missing.  Representative Debbie Riddle says it’s because they don’t get breaks for lunch or to go to the bathroom.  I don’t think that would account for the number of people missing.  Maybe it’s all the Republicans in the bathroom stalls.  Do the laws that get passed come down to a battle of the bladders?  Brings a whole new meaning to marking your territory.

What is most troubling to me is the Do as I say, not as I do attitude.  This violates their own rules, yet it is allowed to continue.  I can understand if there is a procedure to allow a legislator to let another vote for them by proxy, but this is just mass chaos.  It’s whoever can get to the button first.

Apparently, members can lock their voting machine when they leave their desk to prevent this, but I guess most don’t.  This is like leaving your car running while you run into the convenience store…you’re just tempting someone to steal it.  But in this case, more is at stake.  We’re talking about laws that affect every Texans life.

Maybe this explains how some of the stupid laws get passed here in Texas.  Go figure.  I guess the old saying is correct, you never want to see sausage or laws being made.

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