It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything about the Texas State Board of Education.  I’ve been pretty fed up with their crap and found that the more I paid attention to it, the more negative it made me feel, so I backed off for a while for my own sanity.  I don’t think I even said anything when the science curriculum standards passed (although it was a mixed bag).  But today provides a small amount of hope that things might eventually change for the better.

You see, today the Texas legislature took up the motion to re-confirm Don McLeroy as Chair of the Texas SBOE.  And luckily, he failed to be re-confirmed.  It was close with 19 votes for confirmation and 11 votes against (a two thirds vote is required).  So what does this mean?  Well, it simply means McLeroy will no longer lead the Texas SBOE.  He’s still a member, just not its chairman.  Gov. Perry now has to nominate a new Chair and the dance starts all over again.

But for now, I feel a tiny bit better about this state I live in.

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